Fee Norms

The payable fee is to be deposited at the time of admission at the school’s cash counter by cash or by cheque (details available from accounts office). Subsequently the fee is payable per quarter. The charges payable annually are to be paid along with the fee payable in April (in the year subsequent to admission).

The fee is to be deposited quarterly, at the cash counter of the school in the months of April, May, July, October and January by cash or by cheque. School fee should be paid by the 15th of the above-mentioned months by cash or by 12th of the month by cheque failing which a late fee fine will be levied till the last working day of the month. Please note that first and last payment shall not be accepted by cheque.

The last date for payment will be the last working day of the month with late fee fine: after which the name of the student will be struck off the rolls without any reminder. The student is re-admitted on payment of an amount equal to 50% of the admission fee and the re-admission will be entirely on the discretion of the Principal and availability of seats.

The school does not accept out-station cheques against payment of fee. A Fee booklet shall be furnished to the students. Parents are requested to fill up both the slips and deposit with the fee, at the counter. Fee structure can be amended or revised any time without prior notice to the parents, whenever it is deemed essential, decided and approved by the Managing Committee of the school.

Any student who has outstanding dues for the session will be debarred from taking the final examination and will not be considered for promotion to the next class.




Nur to Ist 1000 = 700+300


1100 = 750+350


1200 = 850+350


1300 = 900+400


1450 = 1000+450
X 1600 = 1100+500
XI Com 1900 = 1400+500
XI Science 2000 = 1500+500
XII Com 2300 = 1800+500
XII Science 2500 = 2000+500




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    Result of 2nd mid semester will be declare on 10 october 2008.
    D.M. has visited our college on 10 august 2008.
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