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    05/08/2017 Science Exhibition:
    Modern B.P Public School has once again autographed its work with excellence in Science Exhibition organized by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan along with some CBSE affiliated schools all over India, which was hosted by Kalka International School, New Delhi. About 381 schools participated across India in which Modern B.P Public School was declared to be the best in North India. The model was based on the pollution free transport with the help of the renewable sources of energy .The highlights were the solar cycle getting energy from the sunís rays, secondly converting mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of dynamo and thirdly Maglev train running with the help of opposite poles of magnets. We are proud to announce that the model of Modern B.P Public School has been selected to be kept in the Vigyan Bhawan ,New Delhi to be exhibited on National Science Day ie. 28 th Feb 2018. Prize was awarded to the escort teacher and students.

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    MODERN B.P.SEN SEC SCHOOL, Faridabad was established in 1983 has to itsunder the auspices of the B.P. Shiksha Sansthan. Three years back in 2001 we took another step towards progress and founded MODERNB.P.PUBLICSCHOOL also affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi .

    The College can proudly look back at the string of impressive achievements it credit. Be it serious academic atmosphere prevalent in the school and our enviable achievements meets in the extra curriculum activities, be it our Competent and dedicated teaching and non teaching staff, be it our social, intellectual and moral activities, our school stands out among the institution of learning. And all this was only possible with the dedicated service rendered by our former Principle and cooperation and of our staff , also by the parents of the students. They all participated equally with enthusiasm.

    The five year from ___ to ___ were a land mark in the history of the School, it grew under the very effective and inspiring leadership and wait___ ??? eye of principal Shakuntla Dembala, a capable dynamic administrator, an academician and creator, a nationalist with a broad vision. Under her administration , the school saw rapid and steady all-round development andbecome a name to reckon. s. the school, which is poised to take a gaint lepa forward, has gone fromstrength to strength. Under the able and mature stewardship of the Principal Shakuntala Dembal. The school development work continues a pace. She has set her sights on achieving the maximum in shortest possible spam. Under her administration our school got affiliated from C.B.S.E in 2003.